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   Amazing features in Different Way 

Live From Classroom

Get offline classroom experience at your home.


Test Series

Play Quiz and prepare yourself for get ready exam.


Recorded Course

Learn as you wish as you go in your suitable time. You can enrol for our completed recorded course.


Get learning easy from our hand of best faculty.

We provide best solution to our students so that they can evaluate from future learning. Every kind of details so that they prepare easily in normal way.

Sahil Chaudhary
Sahil Choudhary Play Store (27 Jul 2020)

I'll just sum up my experience in few bullet points:- 1.) Very well built 2.) User friendly interface 3.) One step solution for all those who are looking for an app which can give a boost to their preparation Great work guys!!!! Last but not least, Download the app

Tanu Fauzdar
Tanu Fauzdar Play Store(04 Jan 2022)

This is a very good app... In this, teachers read very easily and also understand.

Sunil Kumar Bishnoi
Sunil Kumar Bishnoi Play Store (28 Jul 2020)

Taiyari Karlo offers its students an easy interface and loads of different course material to choose from. Overall, this learning platform is easy to navigate and can easily be accessed not only on desktops but also on smartphones - it's very easy to integrate it with other activities

Pharshu Beniwal
Pharshu Beniwal Play Store (12 Nov 2021)

यह एक शिक्षा का पवित्र मंच हैं यहाँ से हजारों लाखों Students ने अपना भविष्य फल उज्ज्वल किया हैं आशु सर व विजयपाल जी सर को बारम्बार धन्यवाद

Brijesh Kumar Meena
Brijesh Kumar Meena Play Store (26 Oct 2021)

Best learning platform and all study material in app and best teaching facility and low prices courses thanks 😊 for Taiyari Karlo app

Dharma Ram
Dharma Ram Play Store ()

सभी प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं की तैयारी में सहायक ओर जो लगाव एक अध्यापक व छात्र में Offline Classes में देखने को मिलता है वह इस App पर Online जान पड़ता है यह App कठिन मेहनत करने वाले की सफलता में वरदान साबित हो रहा है

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